Illustrator and designer

Specializations: character design, concept art, illustrations for the children’s market, coloring page design, I master various drawing styles

Working experience: 13 years

My work and drawing styles are diverse, often colorful and are very suitable for the children’s market. My character / mascot designs are frequently cuddly, lively and have a story to tell. In these designs it is important to take both the goal and the target group into account. Any pre-existing characters or corporate identities can be essential elements to take into account when developing new artwork. In the end, the challenge for me is to give each character a soul.

I love to create and visualize worlds and environments in my concept art. I think it is great to invent and illustrate non-existing places and to immerse myself in these worlds. Color, light and ambiance are decisive features. Whether it’s a scary forest or a cheerful gnome village, it is important that a certain curiosity is triggered in the eye of the beholder.

I have a soft spot for illustrating for the children’s market. Mainly because it often involves imaginative, cheerful and colorful illustrations. Children’s books, games, coloring pages, merchandise, these are all elements that make my drawing heart beat faster. In addition, I master a wide variety of styles so that there is always a drawing style that appeals to a customer or target group.

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