Animation Specialist

Specializations: animaties, video

Work experience: 25 years

Your products, attractions and events in the spotlight on all kinds of screens? At our animation studio, we make dynamic short films. We bring static images to life! We transform existing material to video animations. All kind of material can be used as a starting point. Think of photo’s, corporate identity elements, characters, artwork of merchandise and other products, packaging, menus and other designs that are made for print or internet.

Commercial and informative eye-catchers
Our animations can be seen on screens in all kinds of locations. Think of displays at food corners, theme decoration at attractions, shows and events, in-store advertising, cinema advertising, TV commercials and narrowcasting applications. And don’t forget the impact of animation on various social media platforms!

Concept and creation
Designing animations with moving images, that is what we do best. We create attractive animations from photos, illustrations, corporate identity elements and text. If desired, complete with music and a voice-over. Do you already have a storyboard or script? We can use that as a starting point. If not, we create a storyboard for you. Based on your instructions, we create animations according to your wishes.

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