Mascots and storytelling

We have a passion for mascots and storytelling. For us, your character is more than a mascot suit or toy item, and more than external features. Koppen Creative from Geldrop believes in the added value of storytelling and really creating a character design and full experience for mascots. We provide your figurehead with a fully-grown identity and a unique fictional world.

By starting not with the surface, but with the beating heart and experience – the unique story – of your mascot, our storytellers develop a character with a right to exist. Even before the first sketch is on paper, your characters can relate to a wide audience.

Character development for mascots with professional storytelling

The Koppen Creative team is distinctive in character development and we love to design an entire mascot experience. For us, a generic character is not enough. We are not satisfied until we have given your audience a lasting memory. An encounter with a character that perfectly represents your park or project. That is why storytelling is so important when it comes to mascots and creating a unique character experience.

We provide each mascot with a unique identity through a colourful story and character design, to create an entire experience around your mascot: vibrant, fictional worlds that match the signature of your company or park. Koppen Creative breathes life into your mascot with professional storytelling for mascots!

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Contact us if you are interested in storytelling for mascots

If you are interested in character design or professional storytelling for your mascot, to create a full experience, feel free to contact us. We would love to speak to you about everything we have to offer. You can count on us for custom-made merchandise, as well. Call us via +31 (0)40 286 82 79 or send an e-mail with your request or question to [email protected]. You are also welcome to visit our showroom.

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