Koppen Creative has all the expertise in house in regard to 3D-Shaping, which gives us a unique position within the world of 3D models. A special combination of technical knowledge and a large dose of creativity makes it possible to develop almost any idea or design into a high-quality 3D object of any desired size.

Every project requires a different method with creative solutions. You will receive expert advice based on the purpose and desired appearance of your object or advertisement. This allows a unique result to be achieved. In this way we keep ourselves sharp, our work remains varied and you get the highest possible result.

Would you like to have a unique design object made? Want to stand out and promote your product, brand or mascot in a unique way? Koppen Creative likes to think along with you!

3D Advertising Objects

Koppen Creative specializes in the production of large 3D objects. Think of full size figures of mascot characters, XXL blow-ups of products, logos and unique shop window objects.

From the first sketch we translate your unique character to a large format 3D model. We can enlarge any product to an extra large copy. This provides the ultimate brand activation that customers cannot ignore.

Would you like a large text or logo on the wall? We got it! Our 3D letters and texts are made from polystyrene foam. This is lightweight, recyclable and economical.

Our 3D objects can be found at events, festivals, fairs, adventure parks, playgrounds, food trucks, shops and much more.

Create a fairytale setting!

Theming with 3D objects for your amusement park, indoor playground or camping

Digital technologies make it easy to give you a complete picture of your project before we even start physical production. Based on your ideas, we create a 3D model that we use as a starting point. No idea is too crazy in this regard, we can make anything! We produce the most creative shapes based on foam models. This is usually manual labour, assisted digitally by 3D milling machines.

Hard polyester coating for outside

Polyester objects have a very long lifespan and are therefore very suitable for themed outdoor play objects. Our expertise and experience in processing polyester ensures high-quality top products.


Think of playground equipment, decorative scenes in a holiday park, decoration with rocks, waterfalls and bridges of a subtropical swimming pool, challenging objects for Indoor Glow Golf, etc. It can’t be crazy enough, challenge us!

3D Art Objects

Would you like to have a unique work of art, statue or sculpture made? We like to think along with you. The art objects from our workshop are made of polyester and/or a synthetic resin. Art in public spaces can be made completely vandal-proof and treated with an anti-graffiti coating. Every color and painting technique requires different skills. We provide consultancy in determining the right finish for a super sleek result.

Would you like us to outsource and supervise the placement of the artwork? We are happy to do that for you too. We can also make construction calculations and request a traffic plan for placement in or around public spaces.

3D Signing

3D letters can be milled from materials like acrylic plastic, wood, forex, dibond, aluminum or stainless steel. The most beautiful creations can be made, varying from 3 to 19 mm in thickness. These letters are often used as facade advertising on a building or as embossed letters on a wall.

Larger format letters are also possible: then we use a hard foam as the base material, which can later be provided with a durable finishing layer. Also very suitable for outdoors!