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Koppen Creative has its own designers who can think along with you. Most of our illustrators specialise in character design. You have also come to the right place for appealing park plans, concept art, comics and cartoons, book illustrations, coloring pages, animations even. Koppen Creative supports your campaigns with the design of advertising or PR material, both online and offline.

Free Consulting Services

We will work with you to see what best suits your brand, company or project. Our designers have years and years of experience and have worked for well-known companies and characters in Europe and beyond.

Together we look at the desired style, look & feel and character characteristics. The design should fit in with the total experience of your brand or project, but also suit your guests. Our consultancy is without any obligations, it does not commit you to anything.

Design by Karen

Next phases

In the next phase we would be happy to make a concept sketch for you. We make this first sketch to get a better picture. This first sketch is part of the ‘complete package’. If you choose not to continue with the project after this sketch, we will only charge the sketch. We can also make a concept sketch first, before you decide for the complete package or not.

After approval, we convert the concept sketches into a final sketch. Then we proceed to work out the end result.

The end result

Once the final result is ready, you will receive the final artwork for a last check. After your approval, we will release the files without any watermarks so that you can use them freely. Ultimately, you will get the design or artwork delivered in various file formats, tailored to your wishes.

Ownership of the character

For 98% of our design customers we also provide merchandise. Think of cuddly toys, drinking cups, menu boxes, key rings, mascot suits, etc. If this is the case for your project too, the property rights automatically accrue to you after the design is finished. So, in 98% of the cases, the ownership of a character designed by us is automatically transferred to you.

In all other cases, for example if you only have a character or logo designed, we will charge a license or you are offered to purchase the right of ownership. We are happy to inform you further about this.

After sales

After the design or concept has been delivered to you, we are not finished yet! We think it is important that you are satisfied and that the design or concept appeals to your target group. We like to think along with you, together with our creative colleagues. We always aim for a long-term and lasting relationship. We are happy to look together for possibilities and opportunities for the future!

Design by Sabine

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