Custom-made cuddly toys and plush

Custom-made plush and cuddly toys, that is what we love to create! We specialise in tailor-made cuddly toys with their own design. In technical terms, cuddly toys are called plush. Our design department works together with our producer to transform a rough idea or first sketch into beautiful custom-made cuddly toys of premium quality.

We create unique and high-quality custom plush

Thanks to our contacts with various producers, we have a wide range of many different cuddly toys to choose from at a very competitive price. These cuddly toys can also serve as a starting point for your own variant that we further adapt to your wishes. For example, a garment with a logo can be added to the plush version of the mascot of your company. For more than 30 years, we have been designing and creating custom-made cuddly toys, soft baby cloths, animal figures and dolls for customers throughout Europe.

High quality plush for your custom-made cuddly toys

We ensure that all cuddly toys and other plush that we import, comply with European laws and regulations. You will receive an isolated photograph of each custom-made plush toy, plus a DoC statement (Declaration of Conformity) that proves the plush meets the required standards. This way, you are assured of the fact that the quality of our custom-made cuddly toys comes first. Are you curious how we can help you to make a plush toy of your own design? Feel free to request a quote for custom-made cuddly toys. You can do this by filling in the application form. No question for cuddly toys, custom-made for you with your own design, is too crazy for us!

Samples and batch sizes

At first, a sample of the plush toy is made for you and sent to you. Making such a sample costs a certain amount. Exactly how much, that depends on the size and complexity of the plush. The costs of the sample will be deducted when you decide to proceed with production. Only when you are satisfied with the sample do we start production.

We work together with various producers, who all have their own minimum order quantity. Exactly how much, that differs per plush toy and its size. Having one unique item made and tested (according to European guidelines) is relatively expensive and therefore, unfortunately, not possible with us.

Our creative team is ready to help you

You do not only count on us for creating unique plush. Koppen Creative from Geldrop in the Netherlands also designs and makes unique merchandise that fits your company perfectly. Incorporate the look and feeling of your company or park into the designs of unique custom made kidsboxes for children’s menus and colourful custom made ice cream cups for kids. Thanks to our versatile services you can let your mascot stand out in many ways: as a toy or as design on your merchandise that will most definitely create a smile on the faces of your guests.

Contact us for more information about custom plush

Are you interested in our services, our product range and what we can do for you? Inquire about the possibilities without any obligations. We are ready for your questions and happy to help! Call us via +31 (0)40 286 82 79 or send an e-mail to [email protected]. You can also visit us at one of the trade shows and fairs we will be attending.

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