Method for Mascots & Costumes

Would you like to have a mascot suit or costume designed and made? Then you have come to the right place! Koppen Creative has been working with Bedazzled by Dian for more than 25 years, producing high quality mascot suits and costumes for amusement parks, tv shows, theater productions, schools, companies, sports clubs and other organizations.

Everything is manufactured in our own workshop in the Netherlands and is of the highest quality. No idea is too crazy for our specialists. To get acquainted, we can make a free sketch of the mascot suit or costume for you.

To achieve the desired result, we will go through a process with a number of steps with you. Our salesmen or agents will be happy to advise you and draw up a suitable offer. If you decide to confirm the order, your project is transferred to a project manager of Koppen Creative. The project manager will go through the rest of the process with you. You will always receive an overview of the status of the project. We look together at the desired result. The red line remains: the costume produced will be a stunning product that is safe to wear and adds value to your show, brand or company.

Free Consulting Services

We have very different customers throughout Europe. Some have been around for years, but some customers like to have a custom mascot suit or costume made for the first time. We are happy to take the time to inform you all about the possibilities, without any obligations. We will explain how our projects are managed. We will look together at your wishes, the design, the purpose of the mascot suit or costume, the desired materials and all other options that may be relevant. We can give you advice by telephone, schedule an online video call or make an appointment at your location or in our showrooms.

Kop leeuw mascotte  - Design by Dian
Design by Dian

The design

You are always welcome with us. Maybe you already have a design, or maybe you want to have a new design made. If you already have a design, we always ask if you have the rights to avoid problems with the author. If you would like us to make a new design, our designers are happy to create a great design for you. If necessary, a convincing story can be devised, giving the character a full identity. You will eventually receive a design of the suit or costume with a front, side and back view.

Step by step

Once the final design is approved, our specialist will work with you to determine the desired materials. We have a wide selection of fabrics and accessories in stock. If you prefer to use something else, we will purchase this especially for you.

We start with a mascot suit by making the outline of the head. This is specially made from foam. The resulting mold will be submitted to you for approval before we proceed to the next step.

After approval of the mold and the selection of the fabrics, our colleagues from the workshop will get to work for you. We guarantee quality and keep the goal of the project in mind. We carefully apply details and produce the suit or costume in the size you require. We ensure that the result is a durable and comfortable mascot suit or costume that fits the experience of your brand or company

Photo and video presentation

The next step is to test the suit or costume. One of the workshop’s colleagues will try on the suit. Photos and a video are made of this which we share with you. In this way you can have a good look at the result and pass on any desired adjustments. You can of course also come and try on the suit or costume yourself. Only when you are satisfied with the result, the suit is ready!

If you want to fit yourself and you are coming from abroad, we will arrange for you to be picked up from the train station or airport. You can see the possibilities on our contact page.


After everything has been approved, we ensure that the suit or costume is carefully and neatly packed. A mascot comes with comprehensive instructions for use and maintenance. We offer a carrying bag and cooling vest as an option. If you are coming to our workshop to try the suit on and we can make any final adjustments the same day, then you can of course take the suit with you the very same day.

Mascottepak aap Danoontje - Design by Dian

After sales

After the first use, we would like to hear your reaction, because only then the project is completed for us! We value your opinion greatly and believe it is important that you, and any of your colleagues who are going to wear the suit, are satisfied with the result and find it comfortably to wear.

You are now ready to promote your brand or company with your own high-quality mascot suit!

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