Method for 3D-Shaping

We have the following workflow for the production of 3D objects like blow-ups, large art objects and wall letters.

To achieve the desired result, we will go through a process with a number of steps with you. Our salesmen or agents will be happy to advise you and draw up a suitable offer. If you decide to confirm the order, your project is transferred to a project manager of Koppen Creative. The project manager will go through the rest of the process with you. You will always receive an overview of the status of the project. We look together at the desired result. The red line remains: the object produced will be a beautiful piece of sculpting that is safe, durable and adds value to your brand or company.

Free Consulting Services

We have very different customers throughout Europe. Some have been around for years, but some customers will have a product made to measure for the first time. We are happy to take the time to inform you all about the possibilities, without any obligations. We will explain how our projects are managed. We will look together at your wishes, the design, the purpose of the 3D-object, the desired materials and all other options that may be relevant. We can give you advice by telephone, schedule an online video call or make an appointment at your location or in our showrooms.

3d-shaping grote vormen mogelijk - Design by Sander

Designing the 3D object

Using modeling software, we can translate a sketch or drawing into a 3D model. This way, you will get a clear picture of what your model will look like in 3D before the actual production has even started.

Slicing and milling

To be able to mill the digital model, the model is divided into different layers that are milled separately. These individual foam parts will be reassembled in the next phase.


The individual foam parts are attached to each other, creating one large object. The seams are concealed with a special filler so that the surface becomes completely smooth and seamless. Larger series of objects can be made with polyester molds.


The objects are given a hard outer layer for protection and sturdiness. A very smooth finish is one of the possibilities.

3d-shaping afwerken beschilderen verven 3d object - Design by Sander

Color finishing

The colors are applied with a small brush or with the help of a paint sprayer. Different skin textures and structures can be obtained with special foam rollers.

Our 3D objects have a durable, wear-resisting outer layer and are weather and wind resistant. They last 15 years!

After sales

For us, the project is not yet finished upon delivery or placement of the 3D object. We think it is very important that you are satisfied and that you are successful with your target group. We like to think along with you, together with our creative colleagues. We always aim for a long-term and lasting relationship. We are happy to look together for possibilities and opportunities for the future!

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