Mascot suits

Over the years Koppen Creative from Geldrop, in the Netherlands, has designed and made many lovely mascot suits. For mascot suits, promotional and theatre costumes and prop sets, we have been working with Bedazzled by Dian for years. Dian has over 23 years of experience in designing and manufacturing the most beautiful products, which is easily noticeable in the quality of her mascot suits and promotional costumes. These creations can be admired all over the world: at festivals, in TV shows and at various well-known companies.

Unique mascot suits and promotional costumes

With us, creativity, craftsmanship and quality always come first. You can leave the entire production of mascot suits, promotional costumes and creative merchandise, from design phase to the choice of materials and actual fabrication, to us. With years of experience, we know how to convert your wishes and needs into beautiful, unique promotional costumes and mascot suits. You can let us design and create your costumes and mascot suits without any worries. Our team will gladly tell you more about the beautiful mascot suits we have made in the past.

Incorporate your mascot into your business or park

A cool or cute mascot is a very important and recognisable aspect for your youngest guests. It is a good idea to incorporate this figure into other aspects of your business or park, as well. Think about special custom made kidsboxes for children’s menus, for example. We can also create unique custom-made ice cream cups for children. Another possibility is to have merchandise like cute plush toys made by our team. The possibilities are close to endless!

Create the best experience with the right mascot suits

A mascot, everyone knows what it means: a person in a suit trying to brighten things up without saying a word. He or she uses non-verbal communication to interact with people. For the person acting in the suit, having a good costume is just as important as having a good dose of humour. The design of a mascot suit is the first thing the visitor sees. It directly determines what kind of emotion is evoked. Is it a cute and girlish mascot? Then it will be responded to lovingly by the little girls in your park. Is it a more boyish and cool mascot? Then mostly the boys will love it. We can create mascot suits for every kind of mascot!

mascotte kostuums kasteelpakken pretpark - Design by Dian
Collage mascottes vogel adelaar, tijger, Van der Valk - Design by Dian
Becel Pro-activ promotiekleding mascotte - Deisgn by Dian

Promotional costumes

Are you launching or promoting a new product? A promotion only succeeds if everything has been taken into account. From the decoration of the location of the launch to the moment of unveiling the product, the visitor should never forget this special moment. Good decoration should include appropriate clothing for employees as well. The costumes for promotional activities range from mascot suits to dresses for the ladies. We can provide promotional costumes for everyone.

Stand out with exclusive theatre costumes

A theatre show only makes an impression if the costumes fit the story perfectly. We know what to look for in the production of theatre show costumes and how to make theatre clothing match your new show perfectly. With decades of experience in this field, we won’t back down from anything, from mascot suits to promotional costumes and theatre costumes. As far as we are concerned, everything is possible. Together we will make your show a big success!

Dazzling and functional show costumes

We have worked with special requests for several major events, including TV shows. Examples are “Holiday on ice” and “Stars dancing on ice”. Developing a costume that looks beautiful, but is functional at the same time, requires skill and experience. We can do that like no other. Skating and dancing are impossible in a static outfit. A lot was asked of us during the costume creation for these shows, but the results were beautiful. We received nothing but positive reactions from both the wearers of the costumes and the viewers, which still makes us proud every day.

Circus costumes that live up to expectations

We have previously made costumes for Circus Herman Renz, Circus Bongo, and Circus Marin Hanson. A circus has something magical about it. It comes and leaves again for the next location within a very short time. To leave an unforgettable impression during this lightning visit, it is of the utmost importance that the costumes are beautiful. Do you like vibrance with a striking effect or do you prefer neutral colours with some bling? Together with our experts you can discuss your ideas, so we can create a design that makes you happy.

Unique Walking Tables & Champagne Ladies

The Walking Tables & Champagne Ladies are special projects that can be created for any theme and occasion. They bring a special touch to every party, trade fair, opening or business event as unique promotional costumes. We offer the possibility to rent or buy the Walking Tables. We would love to tell you more about the Walking Tables.

Enchanting specials & prop sets

Besides mascot suits and promotional costumes, we design and create scenic backdrops, prop sets and decorations. Beautiful surroundings contribute to the­­ overall impression a visitor gets. A beautiful costume is the first step, a lovely set completes the picture.

Ranging from small projects to large projects such as de Efteling & Sinterklaas, every project remains equally important to us. No matter how large the production, however detailed or coarse the props must or may be: everything has been thought of down to the last detail. You will receive a decor that makes people shine!

Do you need a special costume for an upcoming activity or a beautiful backdrop that lets your actors shine? Do not hesitate to contact us, together we will design and create something special.

Let us design your mascot suits

Are you interested in our services, our product range and what we can do for you? Contact us to inquire about the possibilities without any obligations. We are ready for you and happy to help! Call us via +31 (0)40 286 82 79 or send an e-mail to [email protected]. We will gladly tell you more about the possibilities when it comes to mascot suits, promotional costumes and more. You can also visit us at one of the trade shows and fairs we will be attending.

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