Method for Merchandise

Koppen Creative has a proven working method for the production of merchandise. Do you want to have merchandise like cuddly toys, cups, caps, key rings or other products customized and made to measure? Then you have come to the right place because we specialize in this!

To achieve the desired result, we will go through a process with a number of steps with you. Our salesmen or agents will be happy to advise you and draw up a suitable offer. If you decide to confirm the order, your project is transferred to a project manager of Koppen Creative. The project manager will go through the rest of the process with you. You will always receive an overview of the status of the project. We look together at the desired result. The red line remains: the article produced will be a beautiful product that is safe and adds value to your brand or company.

Free Consulting Services

We have very different customers throughout Europe. Some have been around for years, but some customers will have a product made to measure for the first time. We are happy to take the time to inform you all about the possibilities, without any obligations. We will explain how our projects are managed. We will look together at your wishes, the design, the purpose (eg. of a mascot suit or costume), the desired materials and all other options that may be relevant. We can give you advice by telephone, schedule an online video call or make an appointment at your location or in our showrooms.

The design

You are always welcome with your own ideas with us. It may be that you already have a design, or that you want to have a new design made. If you already have a design, we always ask if you have the property rights to avoid problems with the author. If you would like us to make a custom design, our designers are happy to help you. If necessary, a convincing story can also be devised, giving the character a full identity. You will eventually receive a design of the product with a front, side and rear view.

Prototype of a product

Once the final design is approved, we will start with the production of a prototype. How the prototype is made differs for each product. Prototyping is easy for a carton menu box or a plush toy. However, some products, for example certain ice cream mugs, may require that we invest in the production of a custom mold for the prototypes.

Ultimately, we look together at the desired result, the size and proportions, the colors and the finish of the product. You will receive the prototype physically or photos of it to be able to give an approval. Only then do we proceed to the next phase of the project: production.

The prototype making process takes approximately 2 to 8 weeks. That time strongly depends on the type of product and whether a mold has to be made for the product or not. We are happy to advise you on this.


After approval of the final prototype the production phase begins. The chosen products, materials, etc. are coordinated by our buyers with our manufacturers. The actual production can begin.

Each product is provided with its own header card, hang tag or label. This may include your company name or brand, along with the item number and batch number for production tracking. The designs of the labels, cards and hang tags will be coordinated with you in time.

The production takes approximately 12 to 14 weeks. This includes shipping time, customs clearance and storage in our own logistics center.

Quality and safety

At Koppen Creative, we always produce with three things in mind: having integrity, providing customized top designs while being environmentally conscientious. We produce in a sustainable way and keep an eye out for all people involved and the environment.

There is a quality procedure throughout the purchase and production process. Specialized employees are engaged in quality control every day at Koppen. For example, we look at the sturdiness of a toy, and the prevention of choking hazards due to the loosening of small parts. We choose materials that do not easily catch fire and cannot cause poisoning. Everything is recorded in a technical file of the product. When the product is delivered to us from production, we draw up a Declaration of Conformity. With this you are guaranteed to have a safe product according to European laws and regulations.

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Delivery of your order

After we have processed everything and the products produced have been assessed for quality again, we are ready to deliver the order to you. Our logistics employees will contact you to make an appointment for a delivery date. In case you do not have enough storage space to receive the goods yet, we are happy to store it temporarily for you.

As you can read, we govern the entire project together with you. You always have your say in the steps to be taken. This way, we produce tailor-made products, customized for you, with a keen eye on quality and good delivery times for your project.

After sales

For us, the project is not yet finished upon delivery of the goods. We think it is very important that you are satisfied with the delivered items and how the reception is with your guests. We like to think along with you, together with our creative colleagues. We always aim for a long-term and lasting relationship. We are happy to look together for possibilities and opportunities for the future!

We are happy to serve you

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