The buyers of Koppen Creative and Koppen Europe visit various manufacturers, trade shows and fairs all over the world throughout the year. This allows us to make a broad and qualitative selection of products with which the sales department can move forward.

Thanks to our years of experience, we dare to say Koppen is one of the best in the market. In addition to our wide, permanent collection, we offer plenty of products that can give an extra boost to your turnover because these items are destined to rise in popularity. We like to think along with you!

Tailor made products

Our purchasing department and design studio will work with you to make custom products. Together, we create a product with a design that fully matches the identity of your company or brand.

We monitor the project with our own project manager who switches between you as a customer, our purchasing department and the design department. With this we keep a finger on the pulse of the delivery and processing times so that your order is delivered on time and correctly.


In addition to creativity, quality is of paramount importance at Koppen Creative. Children love toys and other colorful items. It stimulates their imagination and stimulates their development. Children are a vulnerable group and therefore the safety of the articles is our top priority.

Koppen has the articles made by reliable manufacturers. Usually this happens in the Far East. We have built lasting relationships with several manufacturers for over 25 years. Our products are produced under good, fair and safe conditions. Our purchasing team keeps a close eye on this.

The entire purchasing and production process is laid down in quality procedures. Our team of specialized employees monitors quality and ensures that products are additionally tested where necessary to ensure that they comply with legislation and regulations.

We keep a technical file of all products produced in order to guarantee safety. This allows us to provide the articles with a CE mark with confidence. All products are tested according to international standards at renowned test laboratories such as SGS, TÜV and Eurofins. We also carry out extra checks ourselves, because only when we are sure that it is safe do we start production. Random checks during production and thorough analysis of the production process guarantee the quality of series production.

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