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Grimmburgh Theme Park, a showcase project


Koppen Creative has launched a special publication, showcasing the project of Theme Park Grimmburgh. We at Koppen Creative decided to give birth to this imaginative theme park to let our creativity run free, to put all our specialisms and different design and illustration styles on display.

Logo Grimmburgh Theme ParkThe background of Grimmburgh and the main characters in a nutshell: brother and sister Grimm are the main characters of our theme park and holiday park. Together, they like to travel to magical worlds far, far away. Which is becoming more and more difficult nowadays, because slowly the magic is disappearing from our world. Brother and sister Grimm decided to found their own fairy tale land as a safe haven for magical creatures. So it is here, at Grimmburgh in the Grimm Estate, that fairy tales and imaginairy figures find a place to be and feel at home. Would you like to meet our fairy tale characters? And experience the magic yourself? Come visit us at Grimmburgh!

Grimmburgh is a magical world on itself, with individually themed sub sections. There are two main characters for the entire theme park and sidekick characters for each thematical section of the park. The main characters function as catalyst for the story. All sidekick characters are animal friends of the core characters. They serve as icon for host and merchandise.

Grimmburgh Park Map

The main sections of Grimmburgh Theme Park are as follows. Grimmburgh Castle is the main castle placed at the core of the park functions as a hub, with the Grimm brother and sister as main characters. Themed sub sections of the park:

  • Fairy Tale Land, a more traditional fairy tale forrest
  • Sugar Cane Land, a happy candy land with a steampunk twist
  • 1001 Nights, a place for exotic fairy tales
  • The Dark Woods, a scary (but not so scary) area
  • Terra Incognita, a Jules Verne inspired world open to explore

Character design for GrimmburghSee more of this project at the following page: Grimmburgh Theme Park.


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Koppen Creative believes in experience!


Koppen Creative believes in a complete, ubiquitous, all-encompassing experience, from the beginning to the end. And we don’t just mean the hospitality. It’s about how your guests, and your employees too, experience your park, restaurant, hotel, club or company.

But what is experience?

EXPERIENCE = the relation between the EXPECTATIONS that your guests have beforehand and the actual IMPRESSIONS they get when they are in your park or restaurant. In other words, it is the balance of positive and negative impressions they pass through. Beforehand, when at your company or club, and afterwards. Visitors share that experience with their friends and followers (in person, or by social media). Every experience is unique, because every person will have collected their own impressions in their own way.

And not only your guests have and share their experience, your own employees do so too. What impression do they have of the employer? And the experience in and around the holiday park or restaurant? How do they pass those impressions on to their followers, and is that a positive or negative experience? However you look at it, they are all ambassadors for your company.

The guests not only want to feel respected and valued as a person, but above all they expect that you as a company will go the extra mile for them to give them a great, all-encompassing experience. The question every organization should ask itself is: are our customer’s expectations being met? Maybe even exceeded? Only exceeding the guest’s expectations leads to a durable increase of trust. Meeting expectations leads to an 8. Exceeding expectations leads to a 9+!

Experience model

Koppen Creative has brought all this together in a model. Together with the customer, we go through a questionnaire and we look at how the all-encompassing experience can be optimized. This will form the basis for an action plan that we will deploy together. Periodically (e.g. annually) we review the results together and make adjustments.

Your guest’s experience should provide a pleasant memory to look forward to and look back upon. We will work with you to see how we can optimize this effect. For example, a nice memento of your holiday park is the beginning of repeat business as well as a strong advertising tool. If the experience beforehand and afterwards is in balance with the experience that your guests are having during their visit, the group of ambassadors of your company will grow!

It is all about experience!