Unique character design for your mascot

Would you like to have someone help you with the character design for your mascot? Our team is very experienced in designing mascots and many other creative products and would love to help you. A well-designed mascot with a fitting background story is a very recognisable part of a company or leisure park. The children visiting the park will definitely love to come back to it!

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Our team would love to help you with character design for your mascot

There are many important factors when it comes to the character design of a mascot. What colours does the mascot have, what clothes does he or she wear and what kind of mascot is it? Is it a sweet figure, or a little bit silly, maybe? To achieve a good end result for you and your guests, Koppen Creative from Geldrop in the Netherlands will walk you through the entire designing process. We are also very experienced in designing mascot suits and promotional costumes. If you want your mascot to be incorporated into your theme park gifts or into other aspects of your park like custom made menu boxes for kids, you can contact us, as well.

Contact us if you are interested or have questions

If you are interested in character design or professional storytelling for your mascot, feel free to contact us. We would love to speak to you about everything we have to offer. Call us via +31 (0)40 286 82 79 or send an e-mail with your request or question to info@koppencreative.com.