Storytelling & character development

Specializations: storytelling, character development, (comic) books, film production, fiction film

  • Storytelling / Imagineering: Development of storylines, application of fiction in the real world, giving purpose, meaning and depth to characters and stories.
  • Character development: Development of fully-grown characters, with an entertainment value on the outside and an authentic identity on the inside.
  • Revision of character & story: Bring existing storytelling up to a higher standard so that current mascots can be maintained.
  • (Comic) books: Adventurous (comic) books about existing and new characters, possibly with puzzles, coloring pages and facts. Theme compilations (fairytales, superheroes) based on archive material also possible.
  • Film Production: Promotional or informative films with a personal angle, preferably creative and narrative.
  • Fiction Film: Series of short films or sequels around new or existing mascots. Pricey and labor-intensive, but a realistic ambition.
  • Consultant Story & Experience Management: Insight into opportunities regarding customer experience and / or second opinion regarding existing experience concepts.

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